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Best 5 Cross-Platform Mobile Games

ipadgamingThere are so many cross platform mobile games to pick from nowadays it is difficult to pick the best. With more and more of us playing mobile games on our morning commute, or in the evenings with friends, the business has swiftly become a multimillion dollar industry. So what should we be giving our time to? Here are some of the best card, role play gaming and shooters that will have your hearts racing.

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 is completely free to download – yes we do love a free, fun filled game. This racing game is perfect for those of us that love high adrenaline, fast paced games oh and who doesn’t want to chance to drive a McLaren MP4? Play wherever you are, on the way to the office, or last thing at night, it is suitable for all day long if you wish.

You get 15 different tracks to race along, offering a different experience and driving style for each one. The high quality graphics and sounds help to set the mood and gives you a realistic view of the world of racing. The best bit; gather your friends as this game offers the chance for up to 16 players in each round.

Modern Combat 3

If you are a fan of Call of Duty or Modern Warfare then this is the app for you. It is $6.99, which is at the top end of most apps, but it is worth every dollar spent for the high adrenaline and action. This first person shooter allows you to play an extensive solo game, featuring 13 different levels across the globe. As with its similar counterparts, the game is extremely varied, from controlling helicopters through to the middle of war zones, you will experience it all.  Graphically, this game is at the top end of artistry, offering fantastic city and country visuals that only the big games can match.

Co-op play is available for up to 12 people with different modes to play with and 6 maps.


This classic game is well loved by millions across the globe. If you have never played it, then you really must give it a go for its unrelenting fun. The online multiplayer version is a true representation of the classic original card game, which is nice as so many are now far removed from their origins. The main basis of the game is for multi-player use, but don’t despair as there are solo tournaments that you can play, especially for when you just want to practice or kill some free time. In tournament mode, the game will get progressively harder which is a nice touch.

At only $0.99 why not have a go today.

Age of Defenders

Age of defenders is one of those games that will have you hooked from day one. It is a true representation of the classic style defenders games, like battle ships, but with modern twists and excellent graphics. The main aim is to defend your camp and then attack those of others. Strategy is key in this game, so if you enjoy thinking and plotting your moves then this one is for you. You will get the choice of which tower you wish to claim from the beginning, which each hold their own pros and cons so you are making the decisions from the get go.

Manage each decision as it will affect the outcome of the game and hold your breath to see how your opponents respond. Available to download at $2.99.

Zynga Poker

Everyone knows Zynga, but not everyone knows that they have a huge catalogue of games that are not solely available on Facebook. This is another free game, making it all the more appealing and all you will need is a Facebook log in to play. Once you have logged in you are free to play some Texas Hold’em against all your friends on whatever device you choose.

You will be awarded free poker chips when you sign up and the more you play, the more you will get. Be careful if you are a beginner though, learning the rules of the game before playing will help you to beat your opponent’s hand.


Best Sat Nav Reviews

satnavA satellite navigation system is a proof of the advancement in technology. It is widely used in the 21st century especially by cops and armies. However, a common person also affords to make use of sat nav. It makes use of satellites to know the geographical location, helps in reaching the destination by suggesting the shortest path. It expects the time also to reach the destination. Moreover, sat nav is replacing the trend of asking local people about the place when you are on unfamiliar visit.

Whenever the person hears about something technical and its utility, the first things come to his or her mind is that is it successfully working? Will it be beneficial for me? It is quite simple to know the answers. He or she must go for reviews. Before actually buying sat nav, check the best sat nav reviews online. Some people have the misconception that comparing the products is enough while purchasing sat nav or any other technical thing. What does is the difference between reading reviews and comparing the products?  When you are comparing the similar products then you will get to know which product contains what feature. The person remains unacquainted with the quality, performance and working provided.

Grab Information About Latest And Upcoming Gadgets Right At Your Fingertips

gadgetsHave you ever noticed that the release date of the gadgets has been one of its most mysterious specifications? The mystery is not resolved until the official announcement gets exposure of accomplished media sources. In technical terms, the release dates have been a mode to boost up the effects and the values of promotion. The facts are verified from the event when the release date of famous mobile Quad Core processor was revised twice. Also, the postponed released date of famous Google Nexus 2013 had a positive impact in promotional terms.


However, the media sources have brought a sleek and simple way to get notified about the official release dates. There are websites that offer information about the latest and upcoming gadgets that too up to 100% accuracy. Alongside, many such sites notify regarding rumors prevailing in the market. This facility has proven to be a highly sophisticated way of getting all relevant information and advanced booking of upcoming gadgets at one place, that too, without paying a single penny extra.


The main question is regarding the information sources. For this, it is important to describe here that these websites are formally linked with the respective manufacturers and sales units of relative companies. Thus, the information provided by these can be trusted without any doubt.