Benefits of Technology

The mind of technology is breeding grounds for new inventions, while the benefits with technology serve to make life so much more interesting than, say a hundred years ago. I have to admit sometimes I wonder if it’s more enjoyable.

What would we do in today’s society without the benefits that technology provides? A year or so ago I stopped at a yard sale. Among the various things for sale, there were a few science fiction books a man was selling, claiming he was selling them for his son.

As I was paying for the books a statement made by the man at first angered me. Then a feeling of pity replaced my rising anger. Obviously, this man had little tact and was no salesman. Mostly I believe I felt sorriest for his son.

He said he wondered what kind of mind would read such trash. One thing for sure, if we all had such closed minds like this man’s, we would still be in the horse and buggy days. Like the man said, none are as blind as he that refuses to see.

The state of imagination, combined with a hunger to explore, has sent men to the depth of the seas, and then raised him to the height of the stars. An ability to imagine something combined with the hunger to turn that “Idea” into a reality this is what drives the science of technology.

Technology can be a double-edged sword, with the convenience and ease of life that they help provide. As in most things, you have to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately, intelligence and imagination do not run only to those with good intentions.

The mind of the thief that would steal from you, as well as the vicious malcontents that design malware to do harm, these to take advantage of technology and turn it to the detriment of you and your property.

As a matter of fact the benefits of technology are all around us, from waking in the morning, to making a phone call, driving your car, or logging on to your computer. I can find few things where technology does not benefit in one means or another.

Even life has been extended due to the benefits of medical science and technology. The breakthroughs in medical equipment and technique alone in the last fifty years surpass those of a thousand preceding years.

As in the way of things, one man throws the ball as far as he can, then others pick it up and run with it as far as they can, then passing it on to others, who do the same until the goal is achieved. To that end, I say thank God for dreamers.


school1One of the main concerns parents around the world have are the safety of their children. In the past few decades, school shootings and attacks have risen to an all-time high. Since 2003, there have been 233 school shootings with more than half of them taking place at a k-12 school. In addition, there are many occasions where strangers are able to go into a school and check out a child they aren’t the parent to. According to, most children are abducted by someone they know, an estranged parent, or other relative.


These alarming statistics can be difficult to digest as parents send their children off to school. But luckily, a new attendance system is looking to make school check-ins and check-outs safer. Here is some information about the School Pixa attendance system, advantages of it, and some additional information about School Pixa:



School Pixa is introducing an RFID Attendance System for school students that sends in/out text messages to parents. The company is a leading manufacturer of GPRS-based plug and play RFID School Attendance Devices.


The RFID Students Attendance System is a wireless RFID-based automatic student attendance system that offers a complete solution to student attendance monitoring. Students would carry their RFID-based ID card to school. When they get to school, they would show the card to the device reader and be logged as “in.” As soon as they are “clocked in,” the parents are immediately sent a text message that says their child has arrived at school.


The system is cloud based, so no extra computers, internet, or LAN writing is required to implement it.



There are a ton of advantages to a system like this. The first is obviously that you will know that your child has arrived safely to school. This is a sc3comfort for those students who are carpooling with a friend or who ride the bus. There is peace of mind in knowing that your child arrived safely.


This can also help deter students who skip school. If they know that their parent will be automatically alerted when they get to school and that notification is never sent, the parent will know the child has skipped out on class.


Lastly, the system is a great way to make sure students are not taken from a school illegally by someone who doesn’t have permission to contact the child. This could be an estranged relative or close family friend.


The system ultimately keeps children safe and accountable.



School Pixa offers solutions for schools to take accurate attendance while keeping parents informed that their student arrived safely and is ready to learn. For more information, or to enquire about purchasing the system, visit You can email for a quote, or simply fill out the contact form on the company’s website. Follow School Pixa on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to stay connected and informed.






prdownExodus is an add-on to Kodi, a free and open-source media player software application. The Exodus add-on allows users to watch top American movies and TV shows for free. Kodi has changed a lot lately, with many of the repositories disappearing, including Exodus.


But now it is possible to re-install Exodus on Kodi. It works the same way it used to, but now the Smash repository is used.


Here is how you can install Exodus on Kodi:


  1. Click the system settings icon found in the top center of the Kodi home menu.
  2. Click “system.”
  3. On the left-hand menu, click “add-ons.”
  4. Enable “unknown sources.”
  5. Click “yes” if a window pops up.
  6. Install your custom builds and/or add-ons.


After following these steps to install Kodi, you can enjoy all of the movies and shows you love once again!



p1As the digital world continues to grow, many businesses are scrambling to stay up-to-date on the latest, most popular electronic innovations and additions.


Many people have done away with traditional means of communication by phone or mail and instead have taken to the web to satisfy their need for entertainment and news. Because of this, websites can be very beneficial for businesses as they help connect them to a world full of potential customers in the technological age.


Start-up businesses in particular often struggle to maintain every aspect of their business. When it comes to a website, many try to build their own but often give up when they realize that they don’t have the time or skill to do exactly what they want.


For businesses like these struggling to set up their website, Pay Monthly Website could be the answer to the website they’ve always wanted.


Pay monthly website is an online service from BB8 Design that helps businesses and people get their website online. The design specialists with BB8 Design help small and medium-sized businesses get themselves online without any risk of crazy out of pocket expenses or a poorly-designed website that will turn a customer away.


The websites are modern and mobile friendly, ready to launch in just two weeks, and include domain and hosting.


There are three packages available.


The first package is the basic package which costs £19 a month. The package includes three complete pages, domain name, hosting, an email address for your site, design and development of the site, mobile friendly design, and free updates.


The advanced package costs £49 a month and includes up to 20 complete pages and e-commerce, a domain name, hosting, email address for your site, design and development, mobile friendly design, free updates, and the ability to sell your products on your site.


The e-commerce package is £29.99 and includes a complete e-commerce website with up to five pages, domain name, hosting, an email address for your site, design and development, mobile friendly design, free updates, and the ability to sell your products online.


Here are some more details on the things offered in the packages:


  1. Search Engine Optimized: The websites are designed in party by SEO experts to give customers the best chance of featuring highly in search engines for both local and global searches.
  2. Social Media Integration: Any businesses’ profile can be linked with its social media to be sure it is connecting fully with its customers.
  3. Help and Support: BB8 Design is available to help anyone having issues with their site, no matter how big or small the problem is.
  4. Redesign: Included with each package in a new website design every two years. If a company stays with BB8 Design for two years, it can request a redesign.


For more information, or to inquire about one of the packages, visit the “contact us” tab on the BB8 Design website and fill out the form.


mwsLunch time is pretty much everyone’s favorite part of the day where employees abandon their desks for the company cafeteria, the break room, and in some cases, a food truck.


Food trucks are great because they generally park right outside of offices and employees can simply step outside and choose from a usually varied menu. But there are downsides to food trucks. This option, while very convenient, can be difficult to pinpoint and even time.


Most food trucks are parked outside of high traffic areas during lunch hours, but those can vary. If you are in an office that doesn’t face the road, or you don’t have a window at all, odds are you will never know when the food truck will arrive. Alternatively, you could pester your coworkers who do have a street view, but they will undoubtedly get frustrated with your continued contact on the matter.


After tossing some ideas around, Modern Workplace Solutions came up with MoCaDeSyMo. This little red man, who’s name stands for Mobile Carbohydrate Delivery System Monitor, is mounted on the back side of a computer that faces the street. Every minute on weekdays between 10:45 and 11:30 a.m., MoCaDeSyMo takes a photo to detect if a food truck is outside. His body includes a Raspberry Pi 3 and the default Pi camera module.


MoCaDeSyMo uses Azure Cognative Services to predict if the truck is present on the street. After that, a Microsoft Teams connector is trigged and employees are notified that the truck has arrived.



The Raspberry Pi 3 with a camera module and a default Raspbian Jessie image as its operating system is essential in this alert process.  Linux was used as the base system to talk to Azure. The camera module takes a picture and crops it, focusing only on what the employees are interested in: the presence, or lack thereof, of a food truck.


One command is used to talk training pictures. This causes MoCaDeSyMo to take a photo every two seconds for a period of 30 seconds. This creates data to train the image recognition algorithm.



Azure is used to upload the images to a blob storage. The Azure function is triggered with the URL of the new item in the blob storage. A Custom mws4Vision endpoint is used to predict with image recognition. The team used 77 pictures of the truck and 164 photos of the images without it to train the system.


By tagging the images without the truck as false, the quick test feature in the Custom Vision services gives a 100 percent false.



The Modern Workplace Solutions team was able to come up with a lunch solution by creating a working porotype in only a few hours using the Raspberry Pi to take photos and upload them to Azure. This is a positive outcome that shows that current technology and a bit of imagination can bring even more enjoyment to lunchtime. You can find out more about the team behind the site here or why not check out Thomy’s speaking schedule here and you can also follow him on Twitter and Linkedin


fam1Only a few years ago, parents didn’t have to keep a keen eye on their children all of the time. They trusted that their kids would be safe and would be responsible with the resources available to them. However, times have changed. Social media sites have increased many parents’ awareness of child abduction, and children and teens have increased their online presence which can be dangerous if they are easily lured by predators, bullies, or people with bad intentions.


Although many teens and children have become addicted to the internet, the technological age has helped create top-notch apps like Family Orbit to help families monitor and track their child’s iPhone to keep them safe and away from potentially harmful activities.


Family Orbit is a software specifically for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches that can monitor a child’s phone without installing an app on their phone. Here are some of the features offered with the Family Orbit software and their details:



Have you ever received a phone bill with outrages overage charges only to find out your child or teenager was calling their friend or significant other at all hours of the night? Instead of trying to set ground rules that will most likely be broken, you can use the software to monitor who your child or teenager called on what date for how long.


This can also be useful if your child goes missing or your teen runs away. This is a useful way to see who they have been in touch with.



If you are worried that your teen or child will disobey you and sneak out of the house to hang out with their friends, you don’t have to worry. Family Orbit tracks the locations your teen or child has visited, including the time and date. This can also be helpful for runaways or child abduction cases.



You can monitor your child’s messages to be sure they aren’t involved in impermissible messages or being bullied by classmates. This feature is unique in that you can also monitor deleted SMS messages if they are sent to backup before they are deleted. You are able to also see the name and number of the person they sent the text to as well as the message.



If you have a feeling your child could be sending or receiving inappropriate photos, you can use this software to view what has been downloaded to their phone. This allows you to take action immediately before they become involved in something they shouldn’t.



The online world can be a dangerous place, but you can have peace of mind with the Family Orbit software, don’t worry about your child talking to strangers online, or visiting inappropriate websites.



See your child’s address book, the apps they have installed, calendar events, reminders, and messages on WhatsApp.fam4


You can use this software monthly for $14.95, or yearly for $89.95. For more information, or to start a free trail or purchase the software now, visit