Benefits of Technology

The mind of technology is breeding grounds for new inventions, while the benefits with technology serve to make life so much more interesting than, say a hundred years ago. I have to admit sometimes I wonder if it’s more enjoyable.

What would we do in today’s society without the benefits that technology provides? A year or so ago I stopped at a yard sale. Among the various things for sale, there were a few science fiction books a man was selling, claiming he was selling them for his son.

As I was paying for the books a statement made by the man at first angered me. Then a feeling of pity replaced my rising anger. Obviously, this man had little tact and was no salesman. Mostly I believe I felt sorriest for his son.

He said he wondered what kind of mind would read such trash. One thing for sure, if we all had such closed minds like this man’s, we would still be in the horse and buggy days. Like the man said, none are as blind as he that refuses to see.

The state of imagination, combined with a hunger to explore, has sent men to the depth of the seas, and then raised him to the height of the stars. An ability to imagine something combined with the hunger to turn that “Idea” into a reality this is what drives the science of technology.

Technology can be a double-edged sword, with the convenience and ease of life that they help provide. As in most things, you have to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately, intelligence and imagination do not run only to those with good intentions.

The mind of the thief that would steal from you, as well as the vicious malcontents that design malware to do harm, these to take advantage of technology and turn it to the detriment of you and your property.

As a matter of fact the benefits of technology are all around us, from waking in the morning, to making a phone call, driving your car, or logging on to your computer. I can find few things where technology does not benefit in one means or another.

Even life has been extended due to the benefits of medical science and technology. The breakthroughs in medical equipment and technique alone in the last fifty years surpass those of a thousand preceding years.

As in the way of things, one man throws the ball as far as he can, then others pick it up and run with it as far as they can, then passing it on to others, who do the same until the goal is achieved. To that end, I say thank God for dreamers.

Bitdefender Coupon

Bitdefender CouponAs online world has highly developed, so has malevolent software greater than before in the type of viruses, Trojans and malware. There are so many solutions of antivirus software available on the market to oppose the nasty code. A few of these solutions could be useful while some are not very much effective. One effective solution is very effective from all these, which is very helpful by fighting the Trojans and viruses. This is original BitDefender antivirus. The program recommends consistent protection mainly tailored in the direction of home users.

To fight with damaging malware, this particular solution is planned in such a manner that it runs a complete scan on your documents automatically each and every time you use them. The extra new feature regarding BitDefender is that after checking damaged files, it would move and remove those files automatically therefore permitting you to get back your originally data in its place of removing the files like others do. The facility to check the entire incoming traffic from web as you explore is the other exceptional feature regarding BitDefender. On the other hand, you can easily get this software by using Bitdefender coupon codes, which is highly effective to give you some possible discount when you will purchase this highly developed antivirus program.

Citrix Connection Error

Citrix Connection ErrorAt the time you are trying to start some kind of apps from your iPad with Citrix Receiver 5.5.x and iOS 5.x throughout Citrix Access Gateway that particular apps begin fails some kind of message that show some error. To find the best possible resolution of the available issue, you just need to use some steps like:

  • You need to confirm that the available certificates are valid or not.
  • You have to confirm the entire STA’s are working and up.
  • You have to confirm that 1494 port is open from your XenApp server and gateway.
  • For Citrix Access Gateway confirm that ICA 1494 port is in the list of Access Control.
  • You need to Take Network Traces to find out the exact failure point.
  • Cut off the environment to find out the correct segment of failing connection.
  • Check with a perfect Stand Alone IIS Server with CAG/CSG as well as XenApp from a user within the similar kind of subnet. You can even bypass any other firewalls in that particular environment.

If you are still facing any type of problem then you can search on web that how can fix the Citrix connection error. There are so many website available that can really help you in this manner.

Hard drive data recovery

Data recovery service of hard drive starts with recognizing how to search the perfect professionals to complete the job. You might make a fault by selecting a local service as you wish the reasonable choice for getting back your necessary files. These computer service companies have the greatest intentions at the time it arrives to recovering your important files. They can also have a fundamental understanding of how the functions of hard drive data recovery actually work, but unlikely it is that some of these experts have ever physically get back data from the disk drive. The option of data recovery is a very much specific field. The security of your hard disk and important files completely depends on you selecting the best company to get back your misplaced data.


Hard drive data recovery1

You have to remember that the service of drive recovery begins with maintaining the security of your information and important files first. In case you are working with a computer system that you want to get back data from immediately, instantly power it down. You can be surprising, “How can I secure my important information and files?” shut down your PC is a very important part in the process of data recovery.

The further necessary lesson of hard disk recovery persons continually do. Don’t run or install program on the disk drive which can converse with the system. It can source your information to be everlastingly lost. Getting back your necessary files is your main objective, right? Avoid keeping a try to repair a problem that you don’t exactly understand how to manage it, mainly when it arrives to your precious data.


Hard drive data recoveryYour first and main objective is to keep save your data at any costs. It might even assist to contact some companies of hard drive data recovery service to get expert suggestion regarding how to crack your trouble. You would see a model in the reply you get. The replies these specialists provide can assist you make a knowledgeable decision.

At the time service of data recovery comes to your thought, so many people get amazed at the time they hear what the process of data recovery will charge. They even cannot recognize why they cannot find an expert company in their city. In case you live in the area where not any specific service of hard disk recovery available, you may select the next most excellent thing and get in touch with a local expert or technician to control the existing situation. Never let them to handle your disk drive unless they exactly know what to perform actually. They must follow the entire important security steps. In case they perform, then the possibilities of recovering your important files are on your favor.

In case they are not capable to get back your information or data, your just choice at this aspect is to ship your hard disk to any expert firm of data recovery. You have to think about utilizing a consistent online system of data recovery thus you need not to depend on local service of data recovery to get back your files.


Hard drive data recovery3If you’re based in the Los Angeles area and are looking for hard drive data specialists then check out


Why you need to fund the silent beacon campaign today…

silentlogoWhat is the Silent Beacon? It is a waterproof, wearable, wireless bluetooth device that can alert loved ons in an emergency situation, unitizing the technology of your smartphone. It is able to track the user in real time when activated so that authorities and loved ones can find you instantly.

The word beacon is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a strong light that can be seen from far away and that is used to help guide ships, airplanes, etc.” Another definition is, “someone or something that guides or gives hope to others.” In other words, a way to find your way home and that is the principle for which Silent Beacon is based on.

Almost everyone is familiar with the Life Alert commercials and their catchy slogan, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” but danger to senior citizens is a real concern, and one that Silent Beacon can help with. But it’s not just for the seniors of today – everyone can benefit from having a personal wearable safety device in their possession, because you never know when an emergency situation might crop up in your daily life and it’s important that we plan for every eventuality or at least help those who are in need of such devices in our circles of friends and familys.



According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), someone in the U.S. become a victim of a violent crime every 26 seconds, and over 50% of these crimes happen within one mile of the victim’s house. Car crashes occur every 6 seconds, with fatalities from these crises being reported every 16 minutes. These are incredibly heartbreaking figures, but Silent Beacon can help alert emergency personnel and your loved ones within seconds of being activated. Kelley developed Silent Beacon after being involved in a car accident, which rendered his phone screen useless and made it impossible for him to contact family members. At that moment, he realized how desperately people needed a fast and more reliable method to get help in emergencies.

The Silent Beacon will be indispensable for people of all ages: victims of violent attacks, people with life-threatening medical conditions, and teens – who are more likely to be involved in fatal collisions than other age groups.

Here’s how:

Silent Beacon is waterproof, rechargeable and easily connects to an app on your smartphone or device. You can edit or change your list of emergency contacts, send instant mass text alerts to all of those on your list and immediately send a real-time GPS signal to the phones of emergency management specialists and your family and friends. It’s a personal wearable safety device that no one should leave home without, and is small enough to be concealed in just about every location.



Don’t have your phone with you at the time of the incident? No problem. Silent Beacon includes a function to let you speak your details and alert those who are expecting your call, as well as ambulances, fire trucks and police, should they be necessary. It’s great for parents with small children, those that might be entering into dangerous territory or anyone that just needs to feel protected from the perils of life around them.

You never know when you might find yourself in a situation that needs immediate attention, so let Silent Beacon be the signal that hope should guide you home. With so many great features, a lower price than competitor devices and no monthly subscription fee, there’s no better time than now to reach out and touch someone.

The Indiegogo campaign is intended to generate support for a product whose purpose is to protect community members and enable people to buy it at a low cost.

The Silent Beacon will sell for $59.99, making it the most affordable device of its kind. The devices, which have a pending patent application – are being presold through, and their campaign via:


About Silent Beacon ( Silent Beacon is a Germantown, Maryland-based company established in 2013, created to provide fast, reliable emergency assistance to those in need. You can learn more about how the silent beacon can help you here. They also have a 24hr call centre and a great FAQ page.

We’ll leave you with this great video from Silent Beacon

Billing software solutions

billAre you facing problems while doing the billing transactions? You need not to worry anymore as there is just the perfect Billing software solution that will certainly be very supportive to you for various kinds of billing business. The Billing Software is basically the software which will help you to solve your different kind of billing problems. The Billing Platform provides you very easy, user friendly as well as highly comprehensive solution, as it covers the complete spectrum of the billing and the use cases which is across all the different industries.

Irrespective of the fact that you offer the metered or the services of subscription or even both of these, the billing platform provides you with the great power to bill, to get the actual rate, to raise the invoice, as well as to collect the way that you need to. So, this billing system also scales to meet the unique as well as most exclusive requirements for your company, so it even allows you to streamline the entire process of billing and also gives you an opportunity to enjoy and also to relish the flexibility of all your business needs for growing as well as to expanding over time.