Benefits of Technology

The mind of technology is breeding grounds for new inventions, while the benefits with technology serve to make life so much more interesting than, say a hundred years ago. I have to admit sometimes I wonder if it’s more enjoyable.

What would we do in today’s society without the benefits that technology provides? A year or so ago I stopped at a yard sale. Among the various things for sale, there were a few science fiction books a man was selling, claiming he was selling them for his son.

As I was paying for the books a statement made by the man at first angered me. Then a feeling of pity replaced my rising anger. Obviously, this man had little tact and was no salesman. Mostly I believe I felt sorriest for his son.

He said he wondered what kind of mind would read such trash. One thing for sure, if we all had such closed minds like this man’s, we would still be in the horse and buggy days. Like the man said, none are as blind as he that refuses to see.

The state of imagination, combined with a hunger to explore, has sent men to the depth of the seas, and then raised him to the height of the stars. An ability to imagine something combined with the hunger to turn that “Idea” into a reality this is what drives the science of technology.

Technology can be a double-edged sword, with the convenience and ease of life that they help provide. As in most things, you have to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately, intelligence and imagination do not run only to those with good intentions.

The mind of the thief that would steal from you, as well as the vicious malcontents that design malware to do harm, these to take advantage of technology and turn it to the detriment of you and your property.

As a matter of fact the benefits of technology are all around us, from waking in the morning, to making a phone call, driving your car, or logging on to your computer. I can find few things where technology does not benefit in one means or another.

Even life has been extended due to the benefits of medical science and technology. The breakthroughs in medical equipment and technique alone in the last fifty years surpass those of a thousand preceding years.

As in the way of things, one man throws the ball as far as he can, then others pick it up and run with it as far as they can, then passing it on to others, who do the same until the goal is achieved. To that end, I say thank God for dreamers.

Carbon fiber leather

dexThe carbon fiber leather is design as well as manufacture composite kind of products for automotive industry as well as racing cars, and also for the orthopedics, interior decor, wheelchairs, diving, rehabilitation as well as several other kind of uses. The company also supplies about 1mm to 20mm of the thick carbon sheets of fiber. Every such product are also manufactured with the help of epoxy resins. They also have above then 7 years of the experience in offering some kind of supplies of the complex products as well as the solutions for most demanding kind of clients as well as leading companies through the several industries.


The process of manufacturing process also uses the technology, infusion as well as hand lay-up. Every such product is well manufactured with the unique as well as perfect technology. The facilities also include the oven that may also accommodate products up to about 2x2x2 mm at the maximum temperature of curing for 200 °C, the paint shop, and also the treatment as well as cutting of the machine. We even supply services that are perfectly related to milling on basis of the 3D kind of drawings.  The Company is also situated in Wołomin for about 30 km from the Warsaw – capital of the Poland.

How to Fix Your iPhone Home Button?

buttonThe biggest weakness of the iPhone is that single-button operation. If the home button goes, it’s pretty much impossible to complete most tasks with your phone. There are a bunch of things that you can do to try and fix it before giving up and sending your phone over to Apple, at least.



  1. Realign iPhone connectors


If you’ve had your iPhone for any length of time, you’ve probably charged the hell out of it. It’s not uncommon for the home button to get knocked out of alignment because of frequently plugging in that 30-pin connector, so it’s totally worthwhile to make sure that part is properly aligned. To fix this, plug your connector into the iPhone and gently push down on it. With any luck, this will make the Home button go back into place, where it’s supposed to be.


If that doesn’t work…


  1. Re-calibrate your iPhone


For this method, you start with opening one of the apps that came with your iPhone (like the clock), and hold the sleep button until you get the “slide to power off” prompt. Let go of the button.


Press and hold your home button until it goes back to the Home screen.


If this worked, the culprit was probably an app that wasn’t behaving. Of course, if the second step just didn’t happen, then there’s obviously another issue here.


  1. Restore your phone to factory settings


Nobody really likes having to do this, but sometimes it can solve issues with Home button lag. Back up all your data before you restore your phone, though, or you’ll lose everything!


First, connect your phone to iTunes and pick it under ‘Devices’. Go to the ‘Summary’ tab and select ‘Restore’. Follow the prompts, and if you get lost, visit Apple’s help pages.


  1. Twist it and spin it


This sounds weird, but it might be worth a try. To do this, you place the phone on a flat surface and press down on the Home button, firmly as you can, then twist the phone clockwise. If your phone is in a case, you’ll want to remove that first. If the home button still doesn’t work, move on to the next thing.


  1. Clean the home button.


Buttons on phones tend to get dirty with a lot of use. You don’t really know what’s on your hands, or in your pockets, or wherever else you keep your phone, so it doesn’t hurt to give it a good cleaning now and then. To clean your iPhone’s home button, you’ll want some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Put some drops of the rubbing alcohol directly on your phone’s home button, push down on the button with the swab, wait a few minutes, then see if it works.


If all else fails…


  1. Replace your home button.


Sometimes, none of the homemade solutions will work and your iPhone home button will need to be replaced. For this step, you’ll want to have someone else do that for you. Contact your trusted iPhone Repairs Store for more information on how much it’ll cost to replace your home button

New PC and Laptop Technology

The times, it’s been said, are changing. Once upon a time, the 128MB SD card was a pretty amazing thing, and a massive brick of a laptop was the top-of-the-line as far as portable computing went. There’s a lot of new tech that’s coming down the pipeline. What’s in store? We’ll take you through the most interesting of what’s coming up.


Kinect is just the start of interactive computing


You’ve probably seen, at least, advertising for X-Box’s Kinect technology. Intel is working on bringing that same technology to PCs with the RealSense 3D camera, which can recognize objects and even measure distance. Gesture recognition technology will give a bit of an upgrade to PC gaming, too, and Intel hopes to combine voice, visual, and other audio input to recognize a user’s reading habits and moods.


biometricBiometric sensors for your PC


Nobody else has your body (yet), so Intel is looking at using biometric sensors to enable users to log in to their computer via biometric authentication. Say goodbye to passwords (which you probably forget every other week anyway). This technology is already in use by Apple for their Apple Pay service, and Intel will be bringing it along in the next year or so. Whether this will just compare your fingerprints to what the computer has on file or whether it will sense something else from your vital signs isn’t clear yet.


Wireless charging


Do you ever find yourself frustrated by lack of free plug-ins when you’re out and about, or do you ever forget to plug in your phone or laptop? How would you like to never have to worry about that again?


Intel’s vision is for users to be able to put their technology down on a table and have it start charging automatically, with no wires, nothing to plug in, and no need to hook the machine up to anything. Intel wants to bring this tech everywhere you can pick up a wireless signal, and make it just as common. Imagine the coffee shop’s bar counter is a great big charging area, or that you can just set your phone on the table when you go out for dinner and it’ll be charged when you’re about to leave.


The official name of this technology is “Rezence”, a magnetic resonance wireless charging tech, though the power flow will only be enough for charging hybrids and ultraportables – at first. It’ll take years to get this tech out to other businesses for their use, and for it to be able to charge a typical laptop, but some forms of this are already available for smartphones and tablets, so keep an eye out for it.


Wireless displays


It’ll soon be possible to connect laptops to displays without having to plug them in (and fight with those multi-prong connectors and the wonderful projector settings that never seem to cooperate), thus eliminating the need for DisplayPort and HDMI cables. These wireless displays will activate as soon as a laptop is in range. Eventually, multiple displays will be able to connect to a single laptop, which could be really beneficial for meetings and in classroom settings. Imagine a laptop streaming to different monitors on multiple desks from one central location.


Intel’s working on pushing this through their “smart dock” technology, which would hook up a wireless monitor to a laptop. This is going to become more and more important as WiGig – a much faster Wi-Fi that will be able to handle 4K video streams – becomes more mainstream.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. More and more new tech is being introduced on a daily basis – be ready for it!


Gorilla Glass? How it Works?

One of the worst ideas for pretty much any portable tech manufacturer is the use of traditional glass in its displays. Glass scratches easily, and tends toward breakages and cracks. I’m all too familiar with it – I only had my iPhone 4S for two days before I dropped it and gave it the cobweb look all over the back.


For most manufacturers, plastic has been the way to go. It’s lighter, cheaper to produce, and more flexible. It’s not invincible, though, and it can break in some pretty spectacular(ly disastrous) ways.


Enter Corning Incorporated, an American company, that’s produced a product called Gorilla Glass. It’s chemically strengthened glass that can be super-thin, right down to 0.4mm, and it’s super-tough, too. This glass is impact and scratch-resistant, making it perfect for all sorts of portable devices – especially smartphones, which tend to get bounced around more than kids in a bouncy castle.




Galaxy smartphones have already picked it up, as has Sony for its Bravia televisions. Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Dell are embracing Gorilla for their laptops, and the iPhone was using this stuff at some point, too, though neither company is talking at the moment so that may no longer be the case.


How does Gorilla Glass even work?


Gorilla Glass starts out as molten material that’s poured into a v-shaped trough called a ‘refractory isopipe’. This material overflows and runs down either side of the trough, forming a sheet of glass when it rejoins at the bottom. The product stays really pure when it’s made this way instead of the traditional float method.


This glass doesn’t need to be polished, either. It’s naturally thin and clear, with no defects or particles – but it’s still not Gorilla Glass.


It gets cut down and placed into a nice, hot salt bath – 400 degrees C, molten – which draws sodium atoms from the glass and replaces them with potassium atoms, which are larger. This treatment is pretty standard as far as glass production is concerned. Gorilla Glass just gets stronger once it’s treated.


Now, note that this material isn’t completely invulnerable – it will be damaged if it’s hit hard enough, but it takes a lot of force.

There’s still more room for improvement. Gorilla Glass doesn’t fix some of the other problems that are inherent with glass, like outdoor readability, germs, or smudges being an issue. Corning is working on all of these problems but they’re pretty quiet on where they are in development, except to say that an upcoming anti-germ treatment will resist build-up of nasties, and anti-reflection tech that Corning is developing will make Gorilla Glass even clearer than pure water.


Corning has made noises about replacing the glass used in car windows, too, but this could be problematic for emergency services when it comes to getting accident victims out of their vehicles. It’ll be great for fuel economy, though.


Of course, Samsung and LG are already working on a competing mobile phone parts   product – a plastic screen that can bend, twist, and fold without breaking. The bonus? It’s lighter than Gorilla Glass, and it’s due very, very soon.


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